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Venice, History and Tourism

27.02 - The city of Venice, the regional capital and province, is one of the most picturesque, charming and beautiful cities of Italy and the world. It rises four kilometers from the mainland, in the vast lagoon Adriatic that bears her name, situated at an altitude of nearly 2 meters above sea level, the city has about 330,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 457 square miles city. The water present in every corner of the city, the canals, the buildings seemed to come out of the sea, boats, motor boats, boats and the famous gondolas (11 meters long and 1.20 meters wide), make Venice unique.
The city of art is an unparalleled cultural, artistic and tourism and is also a university campus. Its origins date back to the barbarian invasions, when some people took refuge in the Venetian cities in 451 AD on the islands of the lagoon.   How Venice was built  Venice is built on an immense forest of trees knocked over. The Venetian era operated relatively easily: the delimited area for the Foundation with two sets of pilings, parallel to each other about 80 cm apart, filled the space between the piling mud, emptied waste water to the area that was was closed and, once dry, they began to plant tree trunks, close to one another, so deep as to reach the solid ground...

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